THE DANCING ZEBRA provides Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Programs for organizations and individuals. Whether you are looking for personal guidance to create change in your life, or to develop and implement a new system for your company, Dr. Natacha Nelson, will work with you to create your perfect program.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellness issues affect everyone. Currently, an estimated 80 million people suffer from Addiction, Depression, Anxiety. If you are not directly experiencing symptoms, you are likely in a supporting role to someone who is: a spouse/partner, a family member, a child, a friend, or a coworker.

Emotional distress, fear and uncertainty, can contribute to depression, addiction and anxiety. As people search for ways to feel in control, destructive behaviors surface.

If you look up the word “Psyche” in the dictionary, you’ll find, “Breath, principle of life, soul”. But if you look up Psychology, you’ll find, “The science of mind and behavior”. Somehow, in the translation from essence to practice, the most important aspect of “Psyche” has been lost. Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness requires healing at all levels; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

My intention is to educate and inspire people to connect with their hearts unique desire, find the courage to express their most authentic self and develop the confidence to live UN-TAMED.

Embrace Paradox

Live in the space of ‘AND’. You do not need to be either/or. Where the lines meet is where power lives.

Own Uniqueness

Both your head and your heart matter. Identify your individual gifts, talents and strengths. Use your education, your experiences and abilities to develop a action plan to achieve your hearts deepest desires.

Live Un-Tamed

Courageously express your authentic self. Confidently share Who you are at work,  in  relationships, with money, with your body/health.