💜 Where do we go from here?

Nov 10, 2020

Dear Friends and Loyal Readers,

2020 has squeezed, imploded and illuminated. Every aspect of your life no longer containing the structural integrity for your next chapter, exposed. Heartache, loss, grief, resentment, or confusion, the emotions of your relationships, financials, health, or career ready to be wrestled with.

Forced evaluation and deconstruction of day-to-day routines, 2020 demanded we give each area a thorough examination and overhaul.  No one escaped 2020 without being touched in some way. Did you follow the pulse of the Universe? What themes and experiences were at the center for you?

While this year had its moments, for me, these past 10 months have not been intensely difficult. Inconvenient, even annoying. Some days harder than others. Yet, overall, not an excruciating life jolt. I don’t say this with cavalier arrogance. For me, my life altering demolition happened in 2016-2018, granting me the confidence to pull on my previous experience to get through this unknown.

So, here we are. This year coming to a close. Amid the rubble, the Human Soul yearns to etch forward. Life always goes on. The Life Force in us, urging us, whispering, “It’s time”. Time to clear the debris, till the soil and plant new seeds.

What seeds are you consciously (or unconsciously) planting for the next phase of your life? Is what you are planting today, capable of producing gifts you want tomorrow, and into the next decade? Are you consciously creating your future relationships, your body & health, career, and financial scenes? If you are neglecting your choices, you cannot be upset by the barren dirt and weeds you are left with.



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