💜 Common Health Mistakes Keeping You Feeling SICK, FAT or OLD:

Dec 15, 2020

Dear Friends and Loyal readers,

What is your definition of Health? What is it? How do you know if you have it?

Big Pharma wants you to believe if you are pain free, symptom free, you are healthy? 

We hear stories of someone feeling ‘fine’ then receive a cancer diagnosis, have a heart attack, or die.

For me, health is trust in my body’s ability to function in any given situation. Maximum function with least resistance. Trust my body to have the energy to do what I want, when I want it, how I want it; whether in performance, healing or strengthening my immune system.

What is interfering with your health? You already know which foods promote or destroy health. You already know you need ample sleep, water, and exercise. You know stress levels matter to your well-being.

But did you know how you speak can be detrimental to your health?

When you comment about your health/body using the phrase, “I am… (sick, tired, fat, old, stressed, etc.)”, you are telling your body how to Be. Your body will follow the directions of your mind. What your mind says, your brain and body follow.

Speaking of dis-ease you are experiencing, the phrase, “My ___ (Obesity, heart attack, fibromyalgia, cancer, etc.)” claim ownership of that physical condition. A condition your body believes it owns and, therefore, IS. What you own, your body does NOT want to get rid of. It’s why you don’t ‘lose’ weight. Your body will go looking for it and find ways to keep it. Because you claimed it and told your body the weight matters, has value. 

Sometimes, when a chronic dis-ease persists, there are conscious or unconscious reasons the body stays ill. If the mind feels a benefit, a sense of value about the illness, healing seems contradictory.

You can release weight. You can heal a heart issue. You can relinquish symptoms of dis-ease. 

How you speak about your health, TO your body, matters.

You cannot speak of a having a better body, being healthier, and consume more sugar than essential, drink coffee to give your energy, have a drink to relax or sigh in disgust at your reflection in your mirror.

Your inner dialogue needs to be congruent with the message of health and healing. Just as your actions need to be in alignment with your desired health/body, for you to be in integrity with yourself.

Being out of integrity with yourself depletes your healing energy, energy to work out, sleep soundly, or cook a nourishing meal. 

All of which leave you feeling SICK, OLD, or FAT.



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