💛 I know Why You [Secretly] Hate Your Job

Dec 29, 2020

Dear Friends and Loyal Readers,

Do you watch the back stories of the athletes during the Olympics?

Do you catch yourself watching the entire biography of a figure you may or may not know, or care about, Because it is an amazing story?

Why are we so attracted to human interests stories?

For THAT moment.

The moment when an athlete, an artist, an entrepreneur feels compelled to play a bigger arena or expand their business.

The inherent need to compete. Not to defeat an enemy or annihilate opposition. The human need to go beyond, to seek, to try.

It Is YOU. Your Soul calling, Luring you, to expand, to grow. To BECOME.

Become what? A master at You. Who You are, How you express Yourself using your unique gifts and talents.

To experience the agony of life’s beat down, then hear the still, small voice within, calling you to get up. Finally the exhilaration and ecstasy to rise and conquer your internal conflicts.

The element that seduces us to watch sports is the human spirit on full display. This desire to move forward in life, you were born with it. Somewhere along life’s journey, you stopped moving. You felt afraid–desired comfort, safety, security. And now, you feel trapped, even dead inside.

Money can force you out of bed. But, using your unique gifts and talents, INFUSED with your heart’s desire will Inspire you.  

2020 may have been your beat down year. Your way of life imploded, leaving your weary heart saying, “I want something more from my work”.

Repurpose your pain to create a life that excites and inspires you.

Merge your heart with your intellect with a purpose.

2020 offered self reflection and evaluation of what it means ‘to work’. Illuminating desires you may or may not have known matter.



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