💗🖤 When you hear hooves, think ZEBRA!

Jan 7, 2021

Dear Friends and Loyal readers,

Are you seeing evidence of your planted seeds coming to fruition?

Paradox -an opinion or statement that seems self contradictory, but in reality expresses a truth. 

A zebra is recognizable and prized for its stripes. Zebra stripes are as unique as fingerprints and they are its protection.

Where the black and white colors meet causes confusion to its predators. Standing alone, a fly cannot focus on where on the animal to land. In a herd, a lion cannot distinguish where one zebra begins and another ends in order to attack. Individually or in a group, stripes are the strength, power and protection for the Zebra.

Where (seemingly) opposing forces live, the power resides where they meet. With room to coexist, within the same space, needing neither to choose or change one. 

Embrace Your Paradoxes:

2021 Reboot and Rebuild, learn to:

  • Discover your paradoxes and their inherent power
  • Allow you opposing sides to flow with integrity
  • Embrace all aspects of who you are, not just the parts others like, approve of or will tolerate
  • Learn to use your head AND your Heart in life decisions

Repurpose Your Pain, Own Your Uniqueness.

What experiences are you too afraid to share? What secrets are you working tirelessly to keep hidden?

What have you overcome?

Your life experiences (the ones you most want to keep hidden) contain your most unique talents and gifts, begging to be released.

The very thing you most want to pretend was not a part of your life, once understood, will empower you.

Contained in your story are your Superpowers; the gifts, talents, experiences, education, characteristics, skills and traits you contain. Once you embraced, can catapult you and your wildest dreams.

Uncovering your Unique qualities is giving a breath of life to your past, Who you have been. Not to wallow in the pain, rather to discover the brilliant, albeit, unrefined aspects of you that allowed you to survive.


Embrace Your Paradoxes:

I am black AND white

I am Feminine AND Masculine 

I am whimsical AND practical

I am intellectual AND intuitive

I am athletic AND artistic

I am strong AND gentle


How will you live now?

Some say horses are better, stronger than Zebras, able to win a “Triple Crown”. 

Depends. A Zebra cannot be domesticated, though many have tried. A zebra is feisty, cannot be broken to ride or pull a carriage. A zebra doesn’t want to carry any one’s baggage.

 Zebras wear Mohawks, rather than a mane. And Zebra stripes are as unique as fingerprints.

A Zebra is Untamable, Authentically itself in its Self expression. 

The Dancing Zebra encourages you to Embrace your paradoxes, Own your Uniqueness, Live Untamed.



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