To ‘Listen to’ Does NOT Imply ‘To Agree With’

Can you watch/listen to social, print, or news media without feeling compelled to yell back?   Can you listen to “other” opinions or differing ideas from family, colleagues or neighbors? Can you really? Especially those whose beliefs you strongly disagree with-maybe...

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It is OKAY to feel afraid

I know I do. It’s a part of being human. As I sit in silence, the stillness leaves me wondering what to do moving forward. I know that to understand where we are now, I need to go back and look at what brought us to this place of hostility and rage. For me, when 9/11...

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The Journey Begins

EMBRACE PARADOX “What are you?” “Human”, my response today, intentionally highlighting the erroneous implications of the question asked, although as a child, this answer was not in my consciousness. “Race?” (Fill in only one box) the school questionnaire asked....

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