Individual Personal Coaching

Our one on one sessions (Via phone or zoom) are designed for us to work together to identify the source of your uncomfortable feelings and understand the actions/behaviors used to cope that are no longer working. It is my intention to encourage healing through direct understanding and offer tools and resources for more kind, loving, and compassionate behaviors available to deal with day to day stressors that surface.

Corporate Consulting Programs

As a corporate consultant, it is my intention to implement new or update current Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Programs. I work directly with current leadership to examine existing programs, identify missing/outdated elements and offer systems to ensure quality programs are available to all levels of an organization.

 “Finding Courage To Let YOU Out” Workshop Events

These live interactive events are designed to introduce tools and resources to identify stressors that contribute to addiction, depression and anxiety. Events incorporate principles of Spiritual Psychology for the benefit of learning, understand and healing our minds, addressing the fears and misinterpretations that may be at the root of our behaviors.

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Dr. Natacha Nelson, aka The Dancing Zebra, will inspire your team and motivate attendees to “Find their Courage and Confidence” to show up in the world as their Most Authentic Self.